SportsSense establishes a new set of sports performance criteria completely independent of physical abilities, personality and IQ.  The SportsSense evaluation adapts some of the most established cognitive processes and computerized software-based measurement tools in science to quantify a comprehensive set of cognitive skills athletes' brains must perform during play to enable them to make split-second decisions.

SportsSense provides precise measures of each athlete’s cognitive skill set, which can be used for:

  • recruiting/drafting players with the cognitive skills to best fit specific systems, schemes and positions.
  • discovering why players make certain mental mistakes or why they are especially skilled in making split-second decisions in game situations.
  • determining a player's potential for learning “on the fly”.
  • increasing coaching efficiency by identifying weaknesses early and developing customized training strategies to overcome or compensate for those shortfalls.
  • monitoring impairment-related changes in on-field decision-making and performance